Denson stepping up

Cam Denson stepped up when Jarvis McCall was injured against Washington State and may have to do so again this weekend. Read on to see what he says about his first career interception, how being a receiver has helped, and more.

When Jarvis McCall went down with an injury, freshman Cam Denson found himself playing more than he had all season.

"It was kind of shocking to me because you never expect one of your players to go down like that and just being thrown out there out of the blue is just shocking to me, but I prepared myself during the week," Denson said.

Denson did not have too much time to stay shocked considering the strength of Washington State's passing attack.

"When the other team gets in a cadence, you can’t be mind shocked out there," Denson said. "You basically have to be prepared and we had done the gameplay really well, so I wasn’t in an unfamiliar situation."

The extended playing time allowed Denson to recognize his abilities and gain more confidence as well.

"It always helps a lot because the more you play, the more you get familiar with the game," he said. "The more you can trust yourself and gain confidence, playing 95 plays in that game gave me a lot of confidence and helped me for the next game to prepare.

"You get a flow of the game and feeling for a game. Continuously playing like that, you just feel the game more and get a better overall feeling and more excited for it."

Denson's first interception of his career came on a play that he has seen plenty of times before in practice.

"It was a back shoulder ball and we practice that a lot," Denson said. "They completed it a lot of times on me in practice, so I couldn’t let it be completed in a game.

"I turned around and coach always says come out of your break, so I turned around and the ball was right there and I just caught it."

In high school, Denson played mostly wide receiver. Now that he is solely at corner, he is still happy with the experience.

"I am enjoying it," Denson said. "I get to play, so anytime you get to play you have to enjoy it and embrace the feeling. Just playing strictly corner is good for me because I am on the field and all, but I enjoy every play I get to go out there and compete."

In fact, Denson believes that his history at receiver has helped him on the defensive side of the ball.

"Coming from being a receiver, you know what a receiver is trying to do and what he wants to do to you to get you off balance and stuff like that," Denson said.

"Playing receiver and having familiarity with the position, I know what they are looking for and what they are trying to do."

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