10/30 Football Notebook

With Arizona visiting UCLA on Saturday, Rich Rodriguez took time to discuss running out of shotgun, Paul Perkins, Eric Kendricks, and more.

  • Rich Rodriguez was asked about his philosophy on running the ball out of shotgun when in a short yardage situation and his answer was expected.

    "For us it is kind of what we do anyway," Rodriguez said. "Even if you’re going under center, if you’re handing the ball off, you’re bringing the ball back four or five yards.

    "The only thing really that is the benefit of being under center is if you run the quarterback sneak. if you have a big quarterback and big linemen that can move people, that is an effective play. I think if you run it a lot, shotgun a lot, you can be downhill even in the shotgun."

    Arizona runs a version of the spread that Rodriguez is a pioneer of and he now sees his influence on offenses throughout the country.

    "I don’t know if satisfaction is the right word, but it is intriguing because 10 years ago, 15 years ago it was rare and kind of neat to be rare," Rodriguez said. "Now it is not as unique.

    "Even though probably every spread has a variety or variation to their system and what they run and what that forced us to do and I am sure a lot of spread teams, is develop your own system within the spread and how they want to attack it. You see one spread, it’s not like you’ve seen them all."

  • There is not much clarity in the Pac-12 South race and Rodriguez maintains that it is something he saw coming.

    "There are so many games left, but I think just about everybody controls their own destiny almost in the Pac-12 South," he said. "We probably could have predicted before the season that there was so much parity in our league that everybody is probably going to beat up on everybody else and it is going to be a wild race."

  • One of Arizona's biggest challenges will be containing Paul Perkins and Rodriguez spoke highly of the UCLA running back.

    "I don’t want to say he is overlooked any more because he has had so many big plays this year," he said. "He is an explosive player.

    "He has taken a lot of big, big runs that show his speed and explosiveness. I have been very impressed with him and he does everything well. I think he is having one of the best years of any back in our league."

  • On the defensive side of the ball, Rodriguez has been extremely impressed with senior linebacker Eric Kendricks.

    "I think he is a NFL player without question," Rodriguez said. "He is active, physical, has good size, and seems to love to play the game.

    "Without question he is one of the best linebackers not only in our league, but in the country. I will be anxious for him to get out of there and start playing on Sundays."

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