Staff Predictions: UCLA

Arizona takes on UCLA Saturday night. Read on to see how the staff sees the game playing out.

Michael Luke: Although very talented, UCLA is made to order for this Arizona team. Arizona’s offense is impossible to stop for a team without a pass rush.

Look for the Wildcats to spread the Bruins out and run the ball early. Then, with Jack and Kendricks in the box, Solomon figures to work the middle of the field. Unless UCLA can get out to an early lead, this game could get out of hand.

Arizona 28, UCLA 17

Overall: 5-2

Cody James Martin: Arizona has taken a very serious approach this week, even skipping some recruiting time to stay focused on the task at hand. It’s an approach that hasn’t been seen with this staff since it arrived in Tucson.

UCLA shouldn’t be a pushover by any means, but the Wildcats are the slightly better team.

Anu Solomon goes deep early and sets the tone for the entire game. Nick Wilson is back and running straight through defenders, giving Arizona enough to keep UCLA honest the entire game. The Wildcats blitz just enough to fluster Hundley early, but a late surge gets the game closer than it should be.

Arizona 41, UCLA 35

Overall: 4-3

Jason Scheer: Usually I have a pretty good feel for how a game is going to play out, but I really don't for this one. I'm not buying into the belief that UCLA is not very good this season. The Bruins only have two losses and one of them is to a strong Oregon team and the other was to an underrated Utah squad.

UCLA is a considerably more talented team. Brett Hundley is a veteran quarterback, the defense has two of the best linebackers in the country, and the overall athleticism is the best Arizona has seen all season.

Still, this Arizona team seems to always have an answer. This won't be the first time Arizona is the underdog on the road and it has had success in that role this season.

For me, the most intriguing aspect of this game is the intensity. I've never heard Rich Rodriguez and the players talk about a game like they have this week. Maybe they come out too tight because of it or maybe they come out with something to prove.

At the end of the day, I have to go with the home team here, but the only result that would surprise me is Arizona getting blown out.

UCLA 35, Arizona 31

Overall: 6-1

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