No excuses from Grant

Samajie Grant did not make any excuses for the wide receivers' play on Saturday. Read on to see why he thinks they struggled, what the mentality is moving forward, and more.

Arizona's receivers played their worst game of the season against UCLA and it is not something that is lost on Samajie Grant.

"Watching the UCLA film we noticed we made a lot of mistakes," Grant said. "We didn’t take advantage of the opportunity we had.

"When Anu was able to get the ball to us we dropped a lot of passes as a receiving core. This weekend we plan on picking that back up and getting back on the road."

The Wildcats' struggles were certainly not because of a lack of talent, but Grant does believe they were because of a lack of focus.

"Watching film, it was more of that we were not focused enough," he said. "That’s where the drops come from. There’s no excuse for dropping the ball. As a receiving core we need to work on that this week.

"From this point on we can’t drop the ball in games. We can’t put ourselves in situations we have been putting ourselves in this season having to wait on an onside kick or field goal at the end of the game.

"We have to get points on the board. Our defense is doing a great job. They held UCLA to 17 points. That’s amazing, so that is all on us."

Grant recalls the lack of focus starting up before Saturday's contest with UCLA even started.

"Like coach said, before the game we were really loose," Grant said. "We aren’t normally loose like that. We usually think about the game.

"This week we were so excited I think that is what messed us up. We weren't paying attention exactly to the game and focused what we came there for. We were just so focused on what we were going to do to UCLA and not getting the win."

It's not all negative for Arizona, however, as Grant continues to put together a solid season that he attributes to how well he works together with Anu Solomon.

"It comes back to summer," Grant said. "We trained together, just like Cayleb. Cayleb gets the ball a lot because he was with us every day during the summer doing extra work, coming out after practice. Cayleb came out at night time to run routes with Anu and he was always there to help us."

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