11/4 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Tuesday to discuss Colorado, the play of the offensive line, and more. Read on for all the latest.

  • Sefo Liufau is one of the bright spots of the Colorado offense and Rich Rodriguez believes it has to do with his knowledge of the game.

    "He seems like he has a great command of their offense,"Rodriguez said. "He’s not making mistakes, he’s putting the ball in the right spot, and they're second in the country in number of plays, which means they are getting a lot of first downs. Usually when you are getting a lot of first downs it is because your quarterback is executing.

    "They have good running backs, they play really hard. They have some challenging schemes. They do a lot of stuff, so for our defense it’s a challenge to recognize formations and schemes and how to attack it."

  • Rodriguez feels Colorado could be better than its record indicates due in large part to its offense.

    "They’re averaging 30 yards more than their opponents on the season, which I think is a pretty big stat," he said. "They are close and they are right there in every game."

  • Nick Wilson has been battling injury the past few weeks, but it appears that he could be close to getting completely healthy.

    "Nick is getting healthier," Rodriguez said. "He wasn’t 100 percent two weeks ago, this last game he was better. I expect him to be probably 100 percent this weekend."

    When asked if Wilson's struggles were related to the opposition adjusting to him, Rodriguez did not think that was the case.

    "Unless a guy is a specific runner like a power runner or a guy that always bounces to the outside, you adjust," he said. "Other than that you just play your scheme. You don’t really play to the back unless he has a particular skill set that makes him different."

  • When looking at the offensive line, Rodriguez sees a unit that likely struggled in one game as opposed to something hat has been going on all season.

    "There have been times where we haven’t gotten as much push as we would like to have and didn’t get as much movement in certain games," he said. "Mentally we have been really sharp. We didn’t have a whole lot of busted mental assignments Saturday, but we did get beat physically a couple times."

  • It did not get a lot of attention, but long snapper Jose Romero played in his first game, as Chase Gorham did not make the trip.

    "He did okay," Rodriguez said. "For the first time in action, I thought his punt snaps were really good. Even his field goal snaps were okay. He responded pretty well.

    "I think running down the field the first time was kind of new for him. He was kind of looking around and any time you are covering a kick and look up, you might get caught. He kind of learned a lesson on that, but he did okay."

  • Jerrard Randall saw one snap on Saturday and it was something that Rodriguez has been thinking of doing for a while now..

    "We wanted to get him in there and just kind of get his feet wet in live situations," Rodriguez said. "He was really excited all week because I told him ‘We’re going to do it. At some point, we’re going to do it.’

    "He got a couple yards. I think he jumped when he probably didn’t need to jump, but he was so excited I think he was going to jump whether anybody was there or not."

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