Anduze remains happy with commitment

Arizona commit Brion Anduze remains happy with his decision. Read on for his thoughts on Arizona's season, his future, and more.

Silverdale (Wash.) Central Kitsap High School 2015 athlete Brion Anduze's decision to commit to Arizona came down to one major factor.

“It all came down to the coaches for my decision,” Anduze said. “I had some really good coaches recruiting me, but there was just something a little different about the way the Arizona coaches recruited."

Although Anduze wants to play early, he knows he is going to have to work for it. The fact that the coaching staff was up front about that reality is something that impressed him.

“They promised me a real opportunity to come in and play and they were enthusiastic about that chance, but at the same time there was nothing phony," he said.

"They didn’t promise that I would start. They just said the chance would be there because they like my skills and potential and they said they could see me in a couple different roles. I’m down for whatever. I just want to help them win.”

Anduze has the broad shoulders and long frame to indicate that his best football is likely ahead of him despite not knowing what position he will play.

“I’ve been hitting the weights as hard as possible and I’ve seen the results, but it will be a lot better when I can get in the college weight room and work on a daily basis with the best in the business," Anduze said. "I’m just ready for a different way of life.”

The 6-foot-4, 235-pound commit spends much of his free time envisioning next season.

“It’s something that will be hard to prepare for," Anduze said. "I’ve never played in anything like that, but with the way Coach Rodriguez has them playing it is only going to get bigger.”

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