Solomon looking to bounce back

Anu Solomon had his worst game of the season on Saturday, as did the offense as a whole. Read on to see what he says about the performance, moving forward, and more.

Arizona's loss to UCLA was in large part to the performance of the offense as a whole, but Anu Solomon is willing to take the full blame for the offensive struggles.

"Statistically I didn’t do well," Solomon said. "As a team and an offensive core we could have done things much better than we did, getting off the jams, offensive line staying on their tracks, running backs pressing their assignments, but it is all going to fall on me.

"I blame that loss, every loss, on me. I have to make certain reads and I have to make plays"

Rich Rodriguez has said that he believes the offense was pressing too much and Solomon agrees.

"It showed in emphasizing our tempo," Solomon said. "We did that, but then I think we went too fast where we didn’t go well physically and mentally at the same time. We have to make sure mentally we are going as fast as we are physically."

When Arizona's tempo struggles, it is not a coincidence that the offense struggles as well.

"It doesn’t become good at all," Solomon said. "Our tempo is a big beneficial factor of our offense and if we don’t have that, we are calling plays we don’t want to call. The tempo helps us because it gets the defense out of coverage or it gets them gassed."

Rodriguez is looking to increase the intensity this week and it has only taken a few practices for that to become noticeable.

"He’s putting more emphasis on it this week," Solomon said. "Basically we shot ourselves in the foot last week, but we can’t take Colorado lightly. We need to bring up the intensity throughout the week

"Teams tend to play at a level they are not supposed to play on, so we just have to do what we do best and stay humble and play to our full potential."

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