11/5 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday. Read on for his thoughts on Colorado quarterback Sefo Liufau, approaching practice after a loss, and more.

  • Colorado's best offensive player may be wide receiver Nelson Spruce and a major reason for that is his versatility.

    "They’re going to move him around," Rich Rodriguez said. "You can say Sefo is going to throw to the other guys too, but he is a talented guy. It takes a talented guy to be able to play both the outside and inside and know all of the positions. I think one of his strengths is that he has a great football mind. You can tell he understands coverages and how to beat them."

  • With the College Football Playoff in its first year, there has been talk about the scheduling differences between conferences. The biggest difference between the Pac-12 and other conferences is that the Pac-12 has nine conference games.

    "I think it is probably justified because we have so many teams in our league, but there are other leagues that only play eight," Rodriguez said. "I go back and forth. Eight gives you a lot of flexibility in your non-conference schedule.

    "Nine, particularly in the years you have five on the road, I think is harder to fill all of our home games. From a scheduling standpoint I would rather have eight, but we have nine and I don’t think it’s going backwards."

  • Arizona is battling injuries and some of that can be associated with the increase in number of plays Arizona is running.

    "We’re studying the amount of plays we have had so far in eight games compared to eight games last year and we are about 80 plays more offensively, which is another whole game," Rodriguez said. "We had two games in the USC and Cal game, that were 110 plus plays.

    "We have played a lot of plays, but I have also shortened practices a little bit to try to compensate for that a little bit. We have to be aware of that. We’re looking at that and adjusting because our guys lift during the season too, so we’re adjusting their lifts based on the number of plays each guy has had so far and that kind of stuff."

  • Often times how a team practices indicates what games will look like, but Rodriguez believes coaches sometimes look too much into that.

    "I think as coaches we overanalyze things too much," he said. "It’s really a matter of how you play during the game. I’ve had crappy weeks of practice and played great and good ones and played poorly.

    "Doing this as long as I have, you try to read into it a little bit. I think I get more concerned if we have a lot of mental busts during the week and so far this year we haven’t had any weeks where we have had a lot of mental busts, so that focus has been pretty good."

  • After not being happy with the focus last week, Rodriguez does not feel that the loss makes it easier to teach the players.

    "I think a loss just makes it miserable for the coaches for a couple extra days," he said. "I think the players back bounce quickly. I would rather teach off a win than a loss, but unless you win them all and very few people do, you better teach off a loss as well."

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