Jones-Grigsby looking to get back on track

Terris Jones-Grigsby is looking to get back to having a successful running game. Read on to see how he is doing that and more.

Terris Jones-Grigsby knows the running game struggled against UCLA, but it is not something he wants to focus on too much with Colorado only days away.

"The seniors sensed the lack of intensity in the hotel room a little," Jones-Grigsby said. "We were too relaxed I guess, but we know we have to bounce back from that and it started on Tuesday."

In addition to the overall mentality, Jones-Grigsby says that the running backs were a little too aggressive.

"We are making the cut too fast," he said. "Coach Magee calls it taking the cheese. We see the hole and we try to take it and it closes instead of letting the linebackers slow and then making the cut.

"We saw film of Colorado with Ka’Deem and he did it perfectly. We’re going to keep trying to look at that and studying what we have to do with their defense and go from there."

Focus now turns to Colorado and Jones-Grigsby is not afraid that the Wildcats will take it lightly.

"We don’t look at that," he said. "We treat every team the same, it is all competition. You can say the same thing about Cal last year.

"They only had one win going in, but we won by three or something. We know we will have a tough fight with them. They are a very physical defense, so that is why we have to depend on the run this week."

Ideally, Jones-Grigsby will see success from his freshman counterpart Nick Wilson.

"He is trying to get his ankle back to 100 percent," Jones-Grigsby said. "We are just trying to get back to our roots. We have been really off these past few weeks. We’re trying to get that running game back with four games left."

It is always possible that the offense will struggle as it did against UCLA. When that happens, Jones-Grigsby tries to take on the role of a leader.

"We never play the blame game," he said. "It is a team effort, so I try to get everybody involved whether they are on the field or not.

"We were struggling in both the pass and run, so there’s nothing we can do about that but make plays. That’s in the past though and now we are looking to Colorado."

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