Solomon recognizes Saturday's challenge

Anu Solomon knows that Saturday's game against Washington will be a difficult one. Read on to see why that is, how he will approach it, and more.

Anu Solomon knows that the Washington front seven will be among the best that he sees all season and in order to succeed, the Wildcats will have to execute.

"We need to put more emphasis on our pass protection," Solomon said. "There are things we have to clean up there and their defensive line is really big and talented. We just have to do a good job this weekend."

In addition, Solomon recognizes that the offense may have to move a bit quicker on Saturday.

"The focus will be getting rid of the ball quickly," Solomon said. "We will also have to run good short routes and just do what we do offensively."

Solomon had his best running game of the season against Colorado, but it does not seem that is was by design.

"It was just taking what the defense gave me," Solomon said. "It felt good in the game. I felt slow and looked slow, but after the game I didn’t feel good at all. My legs hurt and everything, but I feel fine now."

When the Wildcats are running the ball, the offense is likely to work much more smoothly.

"It opens up a lot," Solomon said. "With me attacking the defense and making the defense stay true with our running game, it just opens up the passing game."

Shaq Thompson is supposed to see the majority of his playing time on defense this week and Solomon will be aware of where he is at all times.

"It’s just like UCLA," he said. "You circle that number 30, Myles Jack. He’s the same guy that plays both offense and defense and there are things he is just a monster at. He’s a freak of nature and we have to contain him and execute every play."

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