Skowron wins it for the Wildcats

Casey Skowron nailed a 47-yard field goal to defeat Washington 27-26 Saturday at Arizona Stadium. Read on for a complete recap of the win.

In what has seemingly become a pattern for Arizona, the Wildcats once again mixed skill with some luck and defeated Washington 27-26 Saturday at Arizona Stadium.

Washington started on its own 25 with a seven-yard pass from Cyler Miles to Deontae Cooper. Miles then ran for eight yards and Cooper gained four more two plays later. The Wildcats were able to hold there and took possession on their own 30.

The Wildcats ran the ball three times with Nick Wilson, but fell short of the first down as the punt gave the Huskies the ball at their own 17.

Miles ran for five yards before finding Jayden Mickens for 48 yards. Dante Pettis then caught an eight yard pass and a loss of four by Cooper forced a 43-yard field goal that hit the post to keep the score tied at zero.

The Wildcats started on their own 26 with an eight-yard pass from Anu Solomon to Davonte’ Neal. They both then connected for a six yard lateral before Solomon found Samajie Grant for 57 yards.

Two plays later, Wilson ran it in from two yards out and the extra point gave Arizona a 7-0 lead with 8:32 left in the first quarter.

The Huskies started on their own 25 with a 16-yard run by Dwayne Washington. Dickens caught a six-yard pass two plays later and Joseph Perkins added five more.

DiAndre Campbell then caught a 12-yard pass and on the next play, Miles found Marvin Hall on a lateral and he connected with Perkins for a 36-yard touchdown that tied the game at seven with 6:36 left in the first quarter.

Arizona got the ball on its own 32 and two plays into the drive, Solomon hit Austin Hill for 17 yards. Two plays later, Grant caught an 11-yard pass, but the drive stalled and Arizona turned it over on downs after a sack.

The Wildcats forced a three and out, but had the same fate as UW took over on its own 34. Kasen Williams caught a six-yard pass and Lavon Coleman added ten more on the ground Williams then caught a 13-yard pass before Coleman got a combined seven yards on two carries.

After Miles ran for four yards, Washington ran for seven and another yard as the quarter ended with the Huskies on the Arizona 17.

Coleman ran for three yards to start the quarter and two plays later Miles simply dropped the ball with Will Parks recovering on Arizona’s own 18.

Unfortunately for Arizona, the offense only got two yards before having to punt to Washington’s 39.

Coleman ran for four yards and two plays after, Kendyl Taylor caught a 28-yard pass on third down.

Washington ran for six yards and Miles followed with three. The Huskies were then called for a false start and holding on consecutive plays. Those penalties eventually led to a 39-yard field goal that put them up 10-7 with 9:27 left in the half.

Arizona was forced into yet another three and out, giving the Huskies the ball on their own ten.

After an incomplete pass, Cooper ran for eight yards and then added four more. Cooper ran for six yards after a false start and Miles added six more.

Williams proceeded to catch an 11-yard pass on third down, but Jared Tevis got a sack on first down. However, Dwayne Washington ran for a 66-yard touchdown as the extra point gave the Huskies a 17-7 lead with 5:16 left in the first half.

Starting on its own 25, Arizona got a nine-yard completion from Neal. Wilson then ran for two yards and gained 12 on the next play.

A few plays later, Cayleb Jones caught an 11-yard pass. Arizona was forced into fourth down, but was bailed out by a defensive holding call.

Wilson gained six yards, but Arizona proceeded to throw two incompletions. On fourth down, the UA ran a fake field goal and Casey Skowron scored from 18 yards out as the extra point cut the UW lead to 17-14 with 1:39 left in the half.

The Huskies got a 12-yard completion from Mickens on first down and Dwayne Washington ran for three yards two plays later. On the next play, Miles could not recover a bad snap and the Wildcats recovered on the UW 19.

The Wildcats lost two yards on first down, but Jones caught a 12-yard pass. On the next play, Wilson ran it in from eight yards out and the extra point gave the Wildcats a 21-17 lead at the half.

The Wildcats started the half on their own 25 with a six-yard pass to Neal. Washington was called for pass interference two plays later.

Solomon hit Jones for 11 yards, but Wilson fumbled on the next play and the Huskies took over on their own 44.

On second down, UW ran for nine yards and Dwayne Washington gained 20 on the next plays. He then ran for two yards and four more before Miles got the first on third down.

Miles proceeded to throw an incomplete pass on third down and the Huskies settled for a 31-yard field goal that cut the lead to 21-20 with 10:19 left in the third quarter.

The Wildcats took the ball on their own 25 with a four-yard pass to Hill. Grant caught a seven-yard pass and Wilson followed with a run for four and nine yards.

Arizona was called for an ineligible receiver and three plays later, Solomon threw an interception and UW took over on its own 26.

Miles ran for four yards to start the drives and Washington gained three on the ground. Perkins then got the first down with a seven-yard completion and two plays later, Cooper ran for ten yards.p

Miles gained nine on the ground and found Pettis for nine more. Cooper ran for six and on third down, Hall caught a 13-yard pass.

Michael Hartvigson caught an 18-yard pass and Washington scored from one yard out on the next play. The extra point missed and the Huskies led 26-21 with 2:45 left in the third quarter.

Arizona proceeded to go three and out and UW took over on its own 21. Williams caught a seven-yard pass and Coleman failed to gain any yards on second down to end the third quarter.

Dwayne Washington gained two yards andUW had to punt on the next play, giving Arizona the ball on its own 15.

Solomon found Trey Griffey for 63 yards on first down, but Arizona was only able to gain four more. Skowron proceeded to make a 35-yard field goal to cut Washington’s lead to 26-24 with 13:08 left.

Arizona and Washington then exchanged series before the Huskies had the ball on their own 16 with 9:15 left.

A holding call put the Huskies back and Arizona proceeded to force a three and out from there and took the ball on its own 46.

After an incomplete pass, Jones had an 11-yard completion. Wilson then ran for seven yards, gained more four, and added three after that. After a one-yard run, Wilson ran for nine more and had Arizona on the move.

However, on the next play, Solomon threw a bad interception in the back of the end zone and UW took over with 4:25 left.

Coleman ran for six yards and Miles found Perkins for seven yards two plays after. Miles ran for five yards and Dwayne Washington gained two yards on second down.

Miles picked up the first down and it appeared that the game would be over. The Huskies proceeded to run one more play before taking a knee, but Tra’Mayne Bondurant forced Cooper to fumble and the Wildcats got the ball on the UW 44 with 1:23 left.

On second down, Solomon connected with Jones for eight yards. Wilson then picked up a first down with a three-yard run.

After an incomplete pass, Wilson ran for four yards and it all came down to a 47-yard field goal by Casey Skowron.

He missed the first attempt after a timeout by Washington, but nailed the second as Arizona did the improbable.

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