Are you not entertained?

Arizona continues to win in dramatic fashion. Read on to see what the players have to say about their close wins, Skowron's kick, and more.

When Rich Rodriguez sat at the podium after his Arizona squad beat Washington in dramatic fashion, Rich Rodriguez chose to quote one of his favorite movies in Gladiator.

“Are you not entertained?”

At this point in Arizona’s season, it is hard not to be.

"It’s gone down to the wire before, but that’s the definition of a good team, when you find ways to win and pull it out,” Arizona safety Jourdon Grandon said.

One of the major reasons why that drama seems to follow Arizona is because of its ability to come back late in games.

“We’ve just come miles since the beginning of Coach Rodriguez’s era,” Grandon said. “You never know what can happen. Football is a crazy game and that’s why it’s not played on paper. You just have to keep playing as hard as you can and good things will happen for you.”

Saturday’s game against Washington was no different, as a late fumble by the Huskies put Arizona in position for yet another dramatic victory.

For Casey Skowron, it also put Arizona in position for redemption.

"Every time I kick, I think about the USC game, but part of being a great kicker is being able to overcome things that have happened in the past and just go on to the next kick,” Skowron said. “It was just about making that kick.”

Skowron’s first game-winning field goal attempt went wide left, but was negated when UW head coach Chris Peterson took timeout in order to ice the kicker.

For the fans in attendance, it seemed all too similar to the way that the USC game ended earlier this season.

“I wasn’t necessarily expecting (icing), but I knew it was a possibility,” Skowron said. “I actually heard the whistle blow before I took the kick, so I was kind of relaxed and I think that might have been a factor in why it went wide.

“You always know it’s a possibility, especially after the USC game, but I wasn’t necessarily expecting it.”

With the win, Arizona remains in contention to win the Pac-12 South and two games left on the schedule is more than enough for the Wildcats to add just a little bit more drama to their season.

"This week I talked a lot about not being average, but being special,” Rich Rodriguez said. “I don't worry about our guys thinking too far down the road because I think they worry about just getting through practice.

“You want to see them focus on getting better. My coaching staff does a great job, and I think I have the best staff in the country. We don't even talk about the win today because we talk about getting ready for the next play.”

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