Staff Predictions: Utah

Arizona takes on Utah on Saturday. Read on to see how thinks the game will play out.

Cody James Martin: Arizona has dodged some bullets in the past few weeks, but I think this is going to the be week that it finally gets hit. The rain and the cold won’t be good for Anu Solomon’s ankle and without him, the Wildcats are in major trouble. It will be close, but the ‘Cats will need ten lives to pull this one out.

Neither team should be able to move the football. With the wind and rain, throwing the ball will be a dangerous proposition every time it leaves either quarterback’s hands. This allows both teams to load the box and the stronger defense will end up winning the game. Expect upwards of 60 total carries across the two teams and a very low scoring game.

Utah 24, Arizona 17

Overall: 5-5

Michael Luke: While it’s a stretch to say that Arizona’s offense was exposed by the Huskies, the Wildcat passing game was clearly befuddled by an aggressive physical defense. Utah’s defense is better.

Compounding matters, this game will take place at one of the toughest road venues in the Pac-12. Don’t expect Utah to score a ton of points, but don’t look for Arizona to score a lot either.

Utah 16 Arizona 10

Overall: 7-3

Jason Scheer: I haven't read many, if any, predictions thinking Arizona will win this game, so I suppose I am in the minority here.

For some reason, it feels that this Arizona team plays its best when nobody is expecting it to and that isn't lost on the coaching staff.

Arizona is going to load the box and do well enough defensively to win this game. I think Nick Wilson has a better game than people expect against a good defense and the Wildcats have some tricks up their sleeve as well.

Arizona 23, Utah 17

Overall: 9-1

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