Tarczewski continues to progress

Despite his somewhat slow start, Sean Miller believes that Kaleb Tarczewski continues to progress. Read on to see what he says about his junior center, that progression, and more.

Sean Miller believes that Kaleb Tarczewski has made a major jump from last season and understands if the center is frustrated by the way this season has started.

"Kaleb has been maybe our best player since we started school and I mean all of the practices and games," Miller said. "He probably has a sense of frustration about him in the first three games of our season because he hasn't performed as well offensively, points per game and even field goal attempts.

"Two games ago we could have done a better job of getting him the ball. He had something to do with that, but I guess the point I’m making is that the best is yet to come for him."

Where Tarczewski is excelling so far this season is on the defensive side of the ball.

"What sometimes you don’t see as a fan is his overwhelming desire and execution as a defensive player," Miller said. "I’ve used the term anchor because I believe it’s true. He’s the anchor of our defense in so many ways.

"He has that in place, but I believe he has progressed offensively and as our season progresses I have no doubt that you guys will see that a little bit more, but he’s a much better player than he has ever been."

Miller believes that Arizona can improve in getting Tarczewski the ball, but that goes along with improving in other areas as well.

"We could do a better job, but we can do a better job with just about everything that we do," he said. "It’s only game three. Against Irvine we played against 36 minutes of a 2-3 zone, so no matter who you are as a low post player, you’re going to be affected and somewhat negated.

"It’s a different way of playing. We need to do a better job of being able to get everybody in the low post the ball because when we do that we are a more effective team. I think as we keep improving and keep working together that will become a more important aspect of our offense."

Tarczewski is also dramatically helped by the fact that he continues to work hard on improving each aspect of his game.

"He’s one of our hardest workers, in practice, extra on the court, in the weight room," Miller said. "Kaleb is very professional in his approach. I think that’s why he’s going to have a long pro career after he leaves Arizona, because he’s dependable and takes care of his body.

"He’s physically strong and he’s the guy at that size that everybody wishes has the work ethic. He has the work ethic of a walk-on, of an underdog, of a small guy, but he has that type of work ethic in a 7-foot body."

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