Flannigan looking forward to rivalry

Demetrius Flannigan will visit Arizona for the Territorial Cup on Friday. Read on for his thoughts on the rivalry, enrolling early, and more.

Expect a slew of talented out of state prospects to be on hand for the Arizona- Arizona State game, but at least one will already be a commitment as Marana Mountain View corner Demetrius Flannigan takes in the game.

“Oh you know I will be at that Arizona-Arizona State game," Flannigan said. “It wasn’t a rivalry that I was too big into growing up. In fact, it was always kind of weird because it seemed that the best team usually lost the rivalry game.

“It’s going to be different this year because there is so much on the line and on top of that I know the next season I will be playing in it, so I can get a visual of what to expect.”

Although Flannigan isn’t a highly rated recruit, it wouldn’t surprise to see the lanky defensive back make an impact.

“I’m really big for a defensive back and my thing is getting out there and running with the fast guys," he said. "I think my ability to man a lot of different spots is something the coaches really like about me.”

Most felt it would be a major setback for Flannigan when it became apparent that the Tucson High transfer wouldn’t be able to play his senior season.

“In a way, it’s good that happened because now I’m going to get to Arizona in December and start training and getting ready for spring practice," Flannigan said.

"I obviously wanted to have a big senior season, but its going to work out fine for me though. I’m going to get as good a training as you could hope for.

“You work hard in high school, but it’s going to be different in college and I know that. I’ll get to see that up close on Friday.”

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