Is Solomon ready to play?

Anu Solomon's status for Friday remains unknown. Read on to see what he says about his health, the ASU game, and more.

Anu Solomon has been battling a bad ankle for weeks now, but one hit against Utah proved to be too much as he was forced to sit out the second half.

"I felt the way I landed and the way he tackled me, it just kind of tweaked and something felt funny," Solomon said. "When I tried to put pressure on it, it just didn’t feel right."

How does it feel now?

"I feel good," he said. "Mentally we are sharp. Arizona State is a good team and we have to stay focused. The training staff is doing a good job getting me ready for Saturday."

Even though Solomon was unable to play in the second half against the Utes, he was still seen encouraging his teammates.

"Basically encouraging them to do what we came to Utah to do," Solomon said. "Obviously it is a tough stadium and a tough atmosphere and dealing with the rain and stuff, I just encouraged them and was there for them."

Solomon is just one of the players that was impressed with what Jesse Scroggins was able to do on such short notice.

"He did really great," Solomon said. "When I go down Jesse will be there. Everybody will be ready. We’re both dual threat quarterbacks and we can do the same amount of things."

Should Solomon play, Friday will be the first action that he has seen in the Territorial Cup.

"Coming in I really didn't know the rivalry and going over there last year it is a tough atmosphere," Solomon said. "We’re not liked, we’re frowned upon over there and it is something that we feed off of and we can’t take them lightly."

Not only is Arizona playing for bragging right and a chance to win the Pac-12 South, but the fact that it will be the last regular season game for 19 seniors is something that Solomon recognizes.

"It means a lot to them with everything going on in the past years," he said. "With the Cup being over there for two consecutive years, we have to make sure we finish the season strong for them."

With all of that being said, does Solomon think he will play?

"Who knows,?" he said. "I don’t even know. When it is game time and the lights turn on I should be ready."

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