Gilbert focused on the Ducks

Reggie Gilbert is focused on defeating Oregon and winning the Pac-12 title. Read on for his thoughts on the Ducks, play of the defense, and more.

Much is being made of the revenge factor for Oregon, but one factor in Friday's game could be that the Wildcats may have an increased sense of confidence because of the win earlier this season.

With that being said, defensive lineman Reggie Gilbert believes that the confidence Arizona has extends to any opponent.

"Honestly I think I speak for us all that when we are on top of our game we can compete with anybody in the country," Gilbert said. "Obviously we have more at stake now, but we are just going to line up the ball and play."

The Wildcats were able to have success on defense in the earlier matchup and the recipe for that success is simple.

"Just strain," Gilbert said. "Our coach did a good job of putting us in situations where we could get after Mariota. Just strain and try to outwork the guy in front of you.

"He’s a great player and I respect him a whole lot. That is why we are preparing so hard this week. He is so good that when you have the opportunity to affect him, you have to get there."

In order to Arizona to win on Friday, Gilbert is focused on being able to contain two players in particular.

"They do a lot of things well, but one big thing for us is to contain Mariota and not let him extend plays," Gilbert said. "Royce Freeman has a ton of talent back there also."

The season is not over yet, but the general feeling is that Gilbert will me able to get one more year of eligibility.

"I am confident, but I am not focusing on that right now," he said. "I am focusing on getting ready and helping my team get this victory."

He's not the only one with an increased focus this week.

"Everybody is focused," Gilbert said. "You could probably hear a pin drop by how intense and focused everybody is. We’re all in tune and we know we have a chance to do something special."

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