Parks making plays

Will Parks is playing his best football of the season. Read on to see why that is, his thoughts on Oregon, and more.

William Parks has played his best football of the season as of late and much of that can be attributed to an increase in aggressiveness.

“I just pride myself on being able to run to the ball,” Parks said. “If you run to the ball, a lot of things can happen. I pride myself on running to the ball, running around and making plays, things like that.”

In addition, he is a lot more comfortable than he was at the beginning of the season.

“I think playing the spur position at the beginning of the year I was kind of timid and not making open field tackles, but now it is going out there and making plays and if you make the play, coach can’t say anything but great things,” Parks said.

“It is about having confidence and being out on the field by yourself and making those type of plays.”

Being a part of the Pac-12 South Champ has also certainly helped with Parks’ confidence.

“To be honest a couple tears came down my eyes after I found out that we won the Pac-12 South,” Parks said. “In my career I have never played for a championship and it has been mind blowing for me.

“I was actually talking to my dad and he told me that I was a champion now and it is just the beginning. You can build onto your resume from here on out and things are going to get tougher, you are going to face more adversity, you will have a bullseye on your head.

“Being a champion is a great feeling, especially when it is something that you love to do.”

Arizona’s success has surprised many and even Parks did not necessarily think it would come so quickly.

“It happened pretty fast,” Parks said. “It is all because of hard work, you can’t go wrong with hard work.

“Some people get lackadaisical and don’t believe in themselves. If you have faith and work hard and have a good support system, anything is possible.”

Attention has been on Oregon throughout the week and Parks believes he knows of at least one key to staying in the game with the Ducks.

“You have to be physical when you play them,” he said. “A lot of teams don’t play real physical against them and that is why Oregon always come out on top.

“I think if you play physical against them, a lot of great things can happen. You also just have to make plays.”

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