Staff Predictions: Oregon

Arizona will face Oregon for the Pac-12 title on Friday. Read on to see how sees the game playing out.

Cody James Martin: Coming into the season, many thought Arizona would struggle to make a good bowl. As the season grew older and older, the Wildcats slowly turned into a team of destiny, a Cinderella story. Every Cinderella has a midnight and Arizona's clock will strike 12 on Friday against Oregon.

The Wildcats that beat the depleted Ducks two months ago are a different, improved team, but so is Oregon. The Pac-12 North Champions are healthy and will be thirsty for revenge. It doesn't make for a good combination for Arizona.

Oregon is going to come out strong and take an early lead. It may be small, but the Ducks playing from ahead are dangerous. Arizona is forced to pass, going away from Nick Wilson and trending away from the game plan. The Wildcats put up a good fight, but the magical ride comes to an end in Levi's Stadium.

Oregon 38, Arizona 28

Overall: 5-7

Michael Luke: At this point, it's safe to say that Arizona matches up well against Oregon. The 3-3-5 defense is a perfect defense to counter the vaunted Duck spread attack.

When Oregon can't run it becomes a very different offense and some of Mariota's deficiencies as a passer come into place. Offensively, Arizona figures to be able to move the ball on the ground and some through the air.

That being said, Oregon is the better team and has been on this stage before.

Oregon 38, Arizona 27

Overall: 8-4

Jason Scheer: I don't buy the revenge angle much and a good reason for that is what Stanford has been able to do to UCLA in recent years. Revenge is great and all, but it doesn't score touchdowns.

With that being said, what I do believe is that the better team often wins the game at this point of the season. Arizona is built for Oregon. The defense does not rush a lot of guys and the offense attacks the edges, which Arizona is actually good at containing.

However, the Ducks have a ton of talent and I just find it difficult to come to the belief that Marcus Mariota is going to go out with a loss. I do think this game is close for a good chunk of time before it gets away from the Wildcats a bit.

Oregon 42, Arizona 24

Overall: 11-1

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