Offense falters in loss

Arizona's offense struggled in a big way on Friday night. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez had to say about the offensive struggles and their impact on the game.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Arizona quarterback Anu Solomon did not play the second half, but there was not much insight from Rich Rodriguez after the loss.

“Anu's been battling through the injury for a month,” Rodriguez said. “I'm proud of the way he's competed. It wasn't a good night.”

The run game has had major success against Oregon in the last two meetings, but was non-existent on Friday night.

“I'll have to watch the film to see exactly where the breakdowns were, but from my vantage point, it was lack of execution and them playing a little better than us,” Rodriguez said.

“Probably should have had a little better play calls. It was a combination of things, but I've got to watch the film to determine the factor on each one.

“It seemed like it was a different, almost a different reason every time. You know, this play didn't work or that play didn't work. We'll examine it, get better from it and get ready for the bowl game.”

The statistics show a defense that struggled throughout the night, but a big part of that was because the offense could not keep it off the field.

“The offense couldn't get any first downs on offense, so the defense had to go back out there,” Rodriguez said. “We know it's an up-tempo team, so our guys are in pretty good shape.

“But still, when you're having to go out that many times 57 snaps or whatever it was in the first half, with that type of offense, they're going to get theirs.”

Defensive end Dan Pettinato probably put it best when asked what they key to the game was.

"They just played better than us tonight.".

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