Burmeister all in for Arizona

La Jolla (Calif.) Country Day 2017 dual-threat quarterback Braxton Burmeister is happy with his early commitment to Arizona. Read on to see why, his thoughts on the current state of the program, and more.

Despite his youth, La Jolla (Calif.) Country Day 2017 dual-threat quarterback Braxton Burmeister wanted to end the recruiting process early and he found the perfect program in Arizona.

“They were really good all season,” Burmeister said. “I think they’re ranked in the top 10, which shows that voters obviously don’t think this past game was the real Arizona.

"I think Arizona is right on schedule and I am guessing they will be competing for the league championship on a regular basis.”

Burmeister hopes to be the quarterback leading the Wildcats’ charge to a title.

“I think I’m the perfect fit for the Arizona system," he said. "I can make all the plays necessary with my legs, but at the same time I’m a good passer. I threw for more than 3,000 last season and a lot of people noticed.”

Arizona was one of the first schools to take note.

“They were on me really early on," Burmeister said. "They told me they thought I could be a lot like Anu Solomon s except I might have even more upside.

"When you look at that statement it means a lot. It also means lot because it’s coming from coaches who are quarterback experts.”

Despite his commitment, more schools figure to gauge the strength of that pledge.

“I’m 100 percent in," Burmeister said. "It doesn’t matter who comes in now. I’m totally in on Arizona and I’m training with the mindset that I’m going to get there and compete for playing time.”

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