Trier watching closely

Arizona commit Allonzo Trier has been paying close attention to the Wildcats' season. Read on to see what he thinks of it, how his transition to Findlay has been, and more.

Arizona shooting guard commit Allonzo Trier transferred to Findlay Prep for his senior year and it is already paying off for the 6-foot-4, 200-pound five-star.

"Findlay has been going great," Trier said. "It has been a great experience and I have had a smooth transition.

"I have enjoyed everything about it so far. The biggest benefit is gym access. I am in the gym all the time."

Trier is comfortable at Findlay, which helps explain why he has been so successful this season.

" I have gotten off to a great start," he said. "I am excited about the way I am playing and the things we can do with this team.

"I am just ready to keep progressing and getting better with our guys and putting together a great year."

Although he has numerous strengths in his game, Trier is continuing to work on improving.

"My strength is definitely my ability to play make," Trier said. "I feel I am one of the best offensive players in the country and I can do a lot of things to help my team on that side of the floor.

"I am working on everything. I am working on trying to grow my game and elevate it and get better in all areas. I want to make sure I don’t really have any weak points when I step on campus from day one."

Trier has made sure to watch each game that his future school plays.

"I watch every game," he said. "I think we are doing great. We haven’t lost yet and that is always a good thing.

"As long as we continue to get better, I know we are not where we are going to be towards the end, but we have high hopes. I picture myself being there.

"I will be there very soon and I am excited about it. I am cheering for them every game."

When Trier watches Arizona ion action, he realizes that there is potential for him to contribute right away.

"Depending on how many guys we lose, I definitely see myself coming in and having to step up and make an impact right away and helping the team as best I can," Trier said.

"It’s great, but it is also a lot on your plate, so you have to be ready. Each and every day I am trying to get better because I know I am preparing for something big in the future.

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