12/15 Football Notebook

Arizona has started practicing for the Fiesta Bowl. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez says about the schedule, recruiting, and more.

  • Arizona has started practicing again and the Wildcats look to have a busy week ahead.

    "We will go just about every day," Rich Rodriguez said. 'I think there is one day this week we’re not practicing, but we’re trying to juggle that in between finals, but we will go just about every day. We have a lot to get better at."

  • Although the coaches and players are still in the process of watching film on Boise State, the initial impression is that the Broncos will be a difficult opponent.

    "Boise State is really good," Rodriguez said. "You wouldn’t be in one of these bowl games if you didn’t have a really good team and win your league.

    "They have scored a lot of points on everybody and I am really impressed with them. They have a NFL tailback, an experienced quarterback, they play really hard which you would expect, so it is going to be a great opponent."

  • By now you know that Scooby Wright III has won plenty of awards as of late and the coaching staff plans to use that on the recruiting trail.

    "That will probably be a point for all of our coaches recruiting," Rodriguez said. "Maybe a guy out there thinks they have to be at one of the so called brand name or big name schools to get national recognition and Scooby has proven you can be an under recruited, two-star, nobody knows about, and go to a program that is a good program, but doesn’t have a national brand name, and still win a lot of national awards."

  • Mike Riley left to Nebraska and Bishop Gorman coach Tony Sanchez was named the head coach at UNLV, two moves that Rodriguez recognizes as good ones.

    "Mike Riley is a really good friend and a great football coach, so I think he will do well at Nebraska," Rodriguez said. "I think Bo Pelini is a great coach, but Mike will do great there.

    "Tony Sanchez is a friend of mine. Obviously we recruited his school and I think he will get a lot of local support. I think they need facility upgrades from playing there and they need to get the community behind him and I am sure they hope with Tony’s hiring they can do that."

  • Anu Solomon has been battling an ankle injury, but is expected to be fine for the Fiesta Bowl.

    "He should be 100 percent and ready to go," Rodriguez said. "He’s got to get a lot of treatment and even if he is banged up, we still have to play better at that position. I think he and the rest of the guys are conscientious enough to do that."

  • Rodriguez may not think the extended practice time is as beneficial as some thing, but it certainly has its positives.

    "It is three weeks, but with our guys having finals and then giving them a couple days off for Christmas, it’s really not as much," he said.

    "I think it will be good for us because we are close enough to the end of the season that we should have some of our fundamentals still down, but we have enough time to get a couple banged up guys healthy."

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