Wright staying humble

Scooby Wright has won numerous awards in the last week or so, but is not letting it go to his head. Read on to his reaction to the recent success and more.

Scooby Wright III hit the award circuit last week and although he went to numerous cities in a short amount of time, the linebacker enjoyed his experience.

"I think in a three day span I only slept eight hours because of the different time zone and everything was crazy," Wright said. "It was fun and I was there for the experience.

"I wish I could have been here, but it was a cool experience meeting all of those guys you see on T.V. It was fun."

Even though the awards Wright won were individual, he remains consistent when giving credit to the team as a whole.

"I hate being the individual and being singled out," Wright said. "It is a team sport and there are ten other guys on the field. It is a great honor and I couldn’t have done it without my teammates."

Now that the award circuit is completed, Wright's attention as turned to Boise State.

"They are a good football team and you can’t slip on them," Wright said. "You have to play them straight up and play them tough. I think they play the hardest out of all the teams we have seen, which is pretty cool."

Wright made a major jump from last season and attributes much of that to the increased experience.

"It’s tremendous," he said. "Last year I was a freshman and it was my first year on campus, so I didn’t really know what was going on.

"Now I am starting to get the hang of it and things are starting to slow down. I am starting to find my place and where I fit in the schemes and the program and stuff like that."

In addition to Wright, the entire Arizona defense improved as well.

"I think each week we got better and better and kept our eyes on the goal of what we were trying to do this season," Wright said.

"It probably started back in spring ball. We wanted to be a good defense and everybody thought Arizona’s defense wasn’t as good as it could be, so we wanted to try to step it up a level this year."

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