Bondurant taking time to reflect

Tra'Mayne Bondurant is approaching his final game as a Wildcat and has taken some time to reflect on his career. Read on to see what he thinks of this season, the defense as a whole, and more.

Ideally Tra'Mayne Bondurant would have liked to wait until the end of the season to reflect on his career at Arizona, but he admits that he has already started to do so.

"After the bowl game I will reflect more on everything," Bondurant said. "I have a little time to be with my family before I go off and train, so I definitely will be thinking about it.

"I have thought about it a lot already, but I am trying to enjoy and take in everything we are doing right now."

What Arizona is doing right now is preparing for the upcoming Fiesta Bowl against Boise State.

"It’s a blessing and big for our team and program," Bondurant said. "It is not about the individual players, it is also about us trying to make a difference in this city and to be relevant to everybody here is important to us.

"Going to the Fiesta Bowl is a big thing. I remember as a kid watching the Fiesta Bowl and always wanting to be there, so it will be fun for me."

Arizona's defense surprised some this season and much of that has to do with the attitude that the unit adopted.

"Our plan all year going through summer and spring was to be consistent all year and to get better throughout the year," Bondurant said. "I feel we accomplished that, but we still have one more game to prove ourselves.

"We have some good players and guys that did not have a chance to play last year that played this year and showcased what they can do. It is an attitude that we established on defense that is paying off for us."

One of the main reasons that Arizona was able to adopt that successful attitude is because Bondurant was one of the seniors pushing it.

"I always stayed in the guys’ ears being a senior and trying to be a leader and staying involved," he said. "I wanted to be a person that could always be there for help.

"I told the guys we have to keep the same mentality all the time because if we change it up, negative things will happen for us. The mindset in our defense is strong and I feel it won’t change."

As Bondurant takes time to reflect on his career, he doesn't regret the decision to come to Arizona.

"Just being here for four years, sometimes you don’t understand how blessed you are," he said. "It is definitely a blessing to be here and being here for four years, being a senior now, you definitely get to understand and realize how important it is.

"It went by faster than I thought it would. I remember being here my freshman year and a lot of guys told me it would go by fast. It definitely went by fast, but it was a great experience and I am happy that I came to this town and got to play for this University."

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