Victor making adjustments

Craig Victor is continuing to adjust to college basketball. Read on to see what he says about those adjustments, what practice means to him, and more.

Like most freshmen, Craig Victor is learning to adjust to college basketball.

"I would say it is a big adjustment from high school to college," Victor said. "I would say it is just learning. That is with anything, you come in as a freshman and you develop over the year. That is how I am looking at it right now."

One of Victor's biggest adjustments has been the fact that he went from a player getting considerable minutes in high school to having to currently fight for minutes at Arizona.

"I understand what I came into with Brandon being hurt and then coming back," Victor said. "It is a plus for me because next year teams really don’t have any scouting reports, so I am just getting better.

"I know I am getting better and that is all that matters. I am helping other guys get better too, competing every day. My games are played in practice.

"You would probably say I have not played much, but I have played close to 30 games already because that is how practice is for me."

The intensity in practice has contributed to Victor's improvement throughout the early part of the season.

"Practice is intense every day being able to play against Brandon, Kaleb, and Rondae," he said. "All three of those guys play differently.

"Rondae is more of a three than anything, Brandon is a stretch four, and Kaleb is a legit five man, so all that does is help me become a better defender and help my game on the offensive end to create for myself and be more physical."

The difficult practices have allowed Victor to get stronger mentally as well.

"I would say mentally being prepared is my biggest improvement," he said. "Going into practice trying to help others get better. It is not really difficult for me because before I even came here I knew what I was signing up for, so as time goes on I am learning. Eventually I will catch on and stuff will go by much faster."

Although Victor has been described as a throw back type of player, he believes that his development creates questions about what type of player he will be in the future.

"As the years process and time goes on, you get better," Victor said. "I can be a back to the basket four right now and as time goes on, I’m a face up four or a stretch four.

"You never know where you are going to go to, so that is why I am just working hard every day and honoring the process one day at a time."

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