12/22 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez continues to meet with the media in the weeks leading up to the Fiesta Bowl. Read on for his thoughts on the players enrolling early, Carter Wood, and more.

  • Arizona announced the signing of three junior college players earlier this week and the hope is that each of those players will be able to contribute immediately.

    "Any time you bring in a junior college guy you probably think a guy is going to come in and compete right away and they are probably in a need position," Rich Rodriguez said.

    "Certainly up front we need guys on the defensive line. Matt Morin I think is a guy that is going to give us a lot of versatility because he play a couple positions, including quarterback, even though his primary position will be at tight end, H-back. Paul Magloire, with our safeties graduating, I think Paul has a chance to come in and contribute."

  • In addition, Arizona will be adding numerous grey shirts in January.

    "We have a few guys we grey shirted last year that will be here in January, probably 7,8,9 guys starting with our program in January," Rodriguez said. "That will be a good thing because that means they will be here for spring ball."

  • Rodriguez admits that the number of players he is bringing in January is high, but has to do with the continuous rebuild of the roster.

    "It’s high, higher than the normal," Rodriguez said. "The grey shirted guys brought that number up, but we are constantly evolving and trying to get our roster. We are still not playing as many guys, but some of it is that they are not ready yet."

  • Arizona's last practice before Christmas is on Monday and Rodriguez is skeptical on how it will go.

    "Typically the last practice before the break is not the best because they are thinking about Santa Claus and Christmas," Rodriguez said. "Hopefully they will get in a good one Monday morning before they go home."

  • Cayleb Jones had an inconsistent season and Rodriguez is quick to remind people that this was his first year playing in the system.

    "Up and down," Rodriguez said of Jones' season. "At times he competed well, but he played at times like it is his first year in the system.

    "He is a really competitive guy and it is important to him, so I am excited what he can grow from this year like a lot of the other first year players."

  • Due to Steven Gurrola's suspension for the first half of the Fiesta Bowl, Carter Wood will get the call at center.

    "He’s a competitive, athletic guy," Rodriguez said. "He’s not the biggest guy, but he knows what we’re doing and when he has had his chance in there he has played pretty well."

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