Breakdown: Arizona vs. UNLV

Arizona will play UNLV on Tuesday night just before the holiday break. Read on to find out more about the game including stats, a position breakdown, and a score prediction.

Arizona at UNLV
Dec. 23 at 8:15 pm
TV: CBS Sports
Thomas & Mack Center


Overall Record
12-0 (1.000)
7-3 (0.700)
Location Record
1-0 (1.000) on the road
5-0 (1.000) at home
Scoring/G: PF&PA(Rank)
77.1 (32)
59.4 (49)
67.5 (186)
63.7 (131)
Rebound Margin/G: RM (Rank)
8.3 (23)
-1.4 (241)
S (Rank)
8.4 (44)
5.3 (283)
Assists/G: A(Rank)
15.3 (57)
13.3 (145)
Field-Goal Percentage: FG%(Rank)
50.7 (7)
43.9 (159)
Three-Point Field-Goal Percentage: 3FG%(Rank)
37.8 (70)
33.3 (167)
Field-Goal Percentage Against: FG%(Rank)
39.0 (65)
36.9 (21)
Coaches' Poll
AP Poll
11 (.6459)
82 (.5612)
Point Guard

PG: PG: T.J. McConnell (6-1, 195, Sr.) vs. Cody Doolin (6-3, 180, Sr.)

Doolin is a bit similar to McConnell in that he is not a threat to score much, but takes care of the ball and is generally an efficient player. Doolin only averages about five shots per game, but makes half of them and has only turned the ball over 11 times this season. McConnell is a better defensive player, but Doolin deserves credit for being a calming presence in a young UNLV lineup.

Shooting Guard

SG: Gabe York (6-3, 185, Jr.) vs. Jelan Kendrick (6-6, 210, Sr.)

Kendrick has some potential, but he just isn’t very good. He is shooting 41 percent from the field, is 6-20 from behind the arc, and only has one more assist than turnover. The size difference would be more of a concern if Kendrick was a better player, but he’s not. York needs to make sure he keeps Kendrick off the glass and if he does, he will likely have the advantage.

Small Forward

SF: Stanley Johnson (6-7, 245, Fr.) vs. Rashad Vaughn (6-6, 210, Fr.)

We can see where Rondae guards Vaughn for the majority of the game and Johnson gets the easier matchup by guarding Kendrick. Still, Vaughn’s 17 points per game are a bit misleading. He only had seven points against Stanford and Temple, ten against Arizona State, and needed 16 shots to score 16 points against Utah. Basically, Vaughn has done a nice job of picking on the below average teams on UNLV’s schedule and struggling with the others. He is dangerous if Arizona lets him get in a flow, but our guess is that Miller knows that and does what he needs to do in order to make sure that does not happen

Power Forward

PF: Brandon Ashley (6-9, 230, Jr.) vs. Christian Wood (6-11, 220, So.)

Wood might be UNLV’s best player for a few reasons. For starters, he has the highest ceiling and has the ability to be effective on both ends of the floor, as evidenced by his 31 blocked shots this season. He has six double doubles on the year and is clearly UNLV’s best rebounding option. Ashley is capable of guarding Wood and they are similar players except for the shot blocking. We doubt either one has a big advantage, but we tend to trust Ashley a bit more.


C: Kaleb Tarczewski (7-0, 245, Jr.) vs. Goodluck Okonoboh (6-10, 225, Fr.)

Like Wood, Okonoboh has 31 blocked shots on the season. Unlike Wood, he isn’t nearly as good offensively or on the glass. Tarczewski is one of the better defensive centers in the country and should be able to hold his own. Offensively, Tarczewski is stronger and has the ability to get Okonoboh into some foul trouble.


Bench: Freshman Dwayne Morgan was one of our favorite players in last year’s class, but he has been really slow to pick everything up. He will probably get about 20 minutes and has major potential, yet has not come close to realizing it yet. Jordan Cornish is a freshman guard that could get hot from three, but really won’t do much else and Patrick McCaw is in the same boat in terms of the skills they offer. Rondae would be the best player on UNLV, so you know how this goes.

Coaching: Sean Miller vs. Dave Rice

Sean Miller probably hasn’t had a bigger coaching advantage this season and certainly won’t for the rest of the year. That tells you what you need to know about what I think of Rice. He will certainly throw some junk defenses at Arizona, but he does a poor job of preparing his team and does not have much of a clue at handling late game situations.


Prediction: Normally if Arizona went on the road right before the holidays, you would be a little concerned. I just don’t see it here. Arizona learned a lot against a UTEP team that is better than UNLV. The Rebels are not good offensively and while the defense can be strong at times, this is still the same team that let up 89 to Stanford and 77 to ASU.

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