12/23 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media to discuss Boise State, recruiting priorities, and more. Read on for all the latest.

  • When looking at Boise State, Rich Rodriguez says that a few aspects of the Broncos stick out.

    "They are really athletic, probably the most athletic team in their league and they play really hard," Rodriguez said. "I think their tailback is a NFL guy, they are very active up front defensively, I really like their secondary. They are aggressive. They are a top 10, top 15 team in the country I think."

  • Although teams can put in some new wrinkles for bowls, Rodriguez believes Arizona has seen as much as it can.

    "I think everybody has seen a little bit of everything at this point and then there is a little bit of extra time with a bowl game, so you’re not really sure what a team can do," he said. "I don’t want to say you prepare everything, but we have seen just about everything and so have they."

  • Arizona continues to work to finish the recruiting class and the priorities for the Wildcats seem clear.

    "Anybody that can help us on defense at all three levels," Rodriguez said. "We are graduating a bunch of safeties and we always need guys up front. We’re going to sign quite a few offensive linemen because we have quite a few seniors.

    "I think you can probably guesstimate from what we are losing senior class wise. We are just trying to get more athletic each and every year and I think this past class was pretty good and this next class will be really athletic as well."

  • With the extended time in between games, Rodriguez is hoping that the team can get healthier.

    "I am thankful we didn't have a game because we have quite a few starters that have been banged up," he said. "We haven’t pushed it. I don’t know how much healthier we got, but our legs should be fresher.

    "I think, like everybody, we were a little tired at the end, particularly because we weren’t playing a lot of guys because we don’t have a lot of depth right now."

  • The Fiesta Bowl will be the last game for the seniors and Rodriguez once again took time to give them credit.

    "Every senior class, this is the third one in a row that has been great, and the first two obviously in the transition were fantastic," he said. "This senior class was hungry in more of a quiet way to elevate our program another step and they were able to do that."

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