Tevis has family on his side

Jared Tevis' brother Aaron once played in the Fiesta Bowl for Boise State. Read on to see what the relationship between the two is like, who Aaron is rooting for, and more.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Jared Tevis remembers watching his brother Aaron playing for Boise State in the 2010 Fiesta Bowl and now finds himself as a participant playing a school that he once rooted for.

“I was in the stands with my family,” Jared Tevis said. “I was wearing his jersey or something like that. It is going to be a little ironic, but it is going to be a good game and I am excited he is going to be rooting for us.

“I was worried for a little while that he would be rooting for Boise. I didn’t have to do too much convincing, but I even think he is going to wear my jersey.”

Tevis is familiar with Boise, as he went to plenty of games when his brother played there.

“At least probably five times,” Tevis said. “I was busy throughout the season with high school, but I would make it up there for a game or two each season and then I was at pretty much every one of his bowl games.

“He has almost been a mentor, best friend. He has been through a lot of stuff I have been going through, so it is always good to have somebody to turn to and get advice from.

“It is kind of cool to be in a situation where now he is done playing and he has the opportunity to watch me play. Usually it is me at the bowl games watching them.”

Boise State actually recruited Jared to walk-on out of high school, but he decided on Arizona.

“I talked to Scott Huff, who was the guy that recruited Aaron,” Jared said. “I was talking to him some and he said I had the opportunity to come walk on. I was thinking about that for a while, but I ended up choosing Arizona.

“Things work out how they are supposed to. I ended up at the right place at the right time. It is probably good that I have that chip on my shoulder and play with that extra edge.”

Although they went to different schools, there are still plenty of similarities with the brothers.

“My dad taught us how to play ball, so I think we play with the same kind of tenacity, the same motor,” Jared said. “Both of us are trying to get after it every play and get to the ball. The difference is that he got all the size and I got all the looks, so that’s how things work out.”

Tevis' last college game will come in the Fiesta Bowl and is an indication of just how far this program has come since he first arrived.

“It’s been rewarding,” he said. “It has been a journey. It’s never easy to come on as a walk-on and it is always a journey to try to prove yourself. It’s cool to see all of the hard work I have put in pay off.

“Being a local kid, I have watched Arizona for a while now. We have had a lot of potential and we’ve won some big games, but I feel like we have been on the brink of greatness for a while now and it is kind of exciting to see how things have changed since I have been here and we have the opportunity to set our legacy as we leave. This is a big stage and the perfect stage to do it on.”

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