Hill's hard work paying off

Arizona wide receiver Austin Hill has worked hard to get to this point. Read on for his thoughts on the state of the program, Boise State, and more.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Being on Arizona's offense is demanding, but the results make everything work it for wide receiver Austin Hill.

"It gets tiring at times, but we work hard and it really pays off," Hill said. "It is a fun offense to play in, especially for a receiver. There are a lot of routes and a lot of balls being thrown.

"When the defense is tired out there it makes everything easier for the offense. Big plays are meant to happen in an offense like this, so it is always fun to be a part of a big play offense."

Hill had confidence when Rich Rodriguez came aboard, but admits that everything has moved faster than he originally thought.

"When Coach Rod came here it really changed everything and I never thought that we would be able to turn around this thing like this," he said.

"It’s been awesome. Just being a senior in your last year and having all of this attention and making the strides that we have, getting to the Fiesta Bowl. I don’t think any senior would have it any other way."

One of the main reasons why Arizona has been so successful this season is its freshman quarterback Anu Solomon.

"That first game definitely opened my eyes about how composed Anu was," Hill said. "Being so young and the types of throws and reads he made in his first start ever definitely opened my eyes to how good this kid could be one day.

"He is getting better every single day, so I can only imagine how good he will be in the future."

With only one game left in his college career, Hill speaks highly of Boise State's defense.

"The defense works hard," Hill said. "They definitely hustle to the ball. They remind me a lot of our defense. Not really over powering or stronger than other teams’ offenses, but they definitely outwork and they definitely are more composed in big situations than other defenses, especially in the secondary.

"They have a lot of picks this year and have been able to make a lot of big plays for the defense, so it is going to be a big thing for us to make the right reads as receivers and for Anu to throw the ball. They mix up their coverages and mix up their blitzes a lot, but I think after just a couple more days of film work, we will really be able to find the windows and find the holes."

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