Gurrola supporting teammates

Steven Gurrola has to sit out the first half of the Fiesta Bowl, but is being fully supportive of his teammates. Read on for his thoughts on Carter Wood, Boise State, and more.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Steven Gurrola will have to sit out the first half of the Fiesta Bowl after being ejected in the Pac-12 title game and he is now willing to accept the results of his actions.

"Emotions got high and they took over," Gurrola said. "I know what I did and now I am facing the consequences."

When Gurrola is out, Carter Wood will take over the duties at center and has the confidence of his teammates.

"Carter is doing well," Gurrola said. "It is a little overwhelming for him right now because it is hard. I have been working really hard with him to get him ready and get him comfortable.

"I graded him out against Oregon and he had a good grades somewhere in the 80s, which is pretty good for us. I think he will do well in the first half."

Although he is anxious to get back on the field, Gurrola admits that the extended time in between games has been beneficial to the Wildcats.

"We were going non-stop every day," he said. "We had probably four days off, but we needed to get that work in and get better and will continue to get better until the game."

Now attention is on Boise State and one of the more unique offenses that the Wildcats will see all season.

"They have gotten a lot of sacks this year and have broken up a lot of plays mainly because they outwork their opponent," Gurrola said. "We have been practicing to make sure that we finish to the whistle.

"On film they out hustle their opponent and outwork the tackles and outwork the edge. They bring all kinds of blitzes and play really hard and don’t stop until the whistle is blown.

"They slant a lot and they blitz a lot. We’re getting ready for that. It comes down to discipline and fundamentals. Staying with the basics on our regular calls, just staying fundamentally strong."

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