Vallejo putting friendship on hold

Tanner Vallejo will put a friendship with Dan Pettinato on hold on Wednesday. Read on to see him discuss why, his thoughts on Arizona, and more.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Boise State linebacker Tanner Vallejo may have only been Dan Pettinato's teammate for only one year, but it was enough to develop a friendship.

However, that friendship is going to have to be put on hold for at least one day.

"I know Dan well," Vallejo said. "Actually I gave him a ride to the airport on Friday. I have been texting him since I have been here, but will probably stop texting once it gets closer to the game day."

Vallejo will likely see Pettinato back home in Grass Valley, California. When he does, the sophomore linebacker is hoping to be able to boast a bit.

"I will probably see him back home after the game," Vallejo said. "Hopefully we come out with the win and I have some bragging rights over him."

In order to do so, Vallejo believes that Boise State will have to deal with Arizona's speed.

"They are definitely fast and you can see that not only with their tempo, but their players are fast also," he said.

"It is going to be hard to contain them. It should be a good challenge, but we’ve been practicing on it for a couple weeks now and should be good.

"It is always great to kind of go up against something new. We have gone up against fast offenses, but this will probably be the fastest we have gone up against."

When watching film on Arizona, speed is not the only aspect of the Wildcats that catches Vallejo's eye.

"Their speed and overall talent," he said. "They have talent at every single position. Not only do they go fast, but they have a huge line and some players that are 6’8, 6’7 and they have run pass options off of multiple plays."

As Vallejo heads to his first Fiesta Bowl, he realizes that there could have been some role reversal had he changed on decision.

"Arizona was my first offer and I was pretty serious about it," Vallejo said. "It is something I definitely considered, especially because Dan was there and I have heard nothing about good things about them and the coaching staff. Then I took a visit to Boise and fell in love with it."

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