Hedrick keeping consistent mindset

Boise State quarterback Grant Hedrick believes one of the reasons the Broncos are successful is their consistent mindset. Read on to see what that mindset is, his thoughts on Arizona, and more.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - For Boise State quarterback Grant Hedrick, it does not matter if the Broncos are the favorite or underdog, as long as the mindset remains the same.

"Whether we are the underdog or the favorite, we’re going into this game with the same mindset we have had all year, which is trying to focus on us and what we can control," Hedrick said.

"Our mindset is going 1-0 each week and I think we are going to take that same mindset. Whatever happens, happens as long as we play as hard as we can and control what we can control."

When Boise State struggled early in the season, Hedrick believes that it was a wake up call for the Broncos.

"Just having our backs up against the wall," he said. "We lost two early in September and then to match our goal of winning a conference championship, we had to win out.

"Just having our back against the wall and focusing each week on that week and not looking ahead was the mindset we had and it worked for us."

As Hedrick breaks down Arizona on film, he sees one of the more impressive defensive units the Broncos will face all season.

"They are just really fast, that is kind of my number one thing," he said. "They have speed everywhere, so that will be a huge challenge for us. We have been off for a while.

"Obviously we practice against each other, but that game speed is completely different and they bring a whole other level."

Of course, that defense is helped tremendously by the play of Scooby Wright III.

"It’s like every time you see the ball, Scooby is around it whether it is a pass or a run," Hedrick said. "He’s making a play, so you have to account for a guy like that who has a tremendous motor and a nose for the ball. He’s around the ball at all times and we have to be aware of where he is at."

That might be easier said than done, but Hedrick is ready to work to make sure Boise State is successful.

"I think it is probably a Boise State thing," Hedrick said. "We try to pride ourselves on having that chip on our shoulder and that blue collar, hard working mentality."

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