Solomon looking to bounce back

Anu Solomon is not happy with his play in the second half of the season. Read on to see what he says about his lack of consistency, Boise State, and more.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - When looking at Anu Solomon’s overall season, it can generally be described as being successful.

However, the redshirt freshman does not necessarily agree that is the case.

“The season has been a roller coaster,” Solomon said. “We have had our ups and downs and for me, just as a critical aspect, I felt like I have not improved.

“In the second half of the season I kind of just dropped down and it is one thing I have struggled with, just being consistent on a daily basis. That is something I have to work on and something I have to fight with.

“Some people say it is expected because I am a freshman, but it is still something I try to avoid. It still catches up with me and I need to fight it off.”

One of the main reasons that Solomon has been battling inconsistency is due to a foot injury.

With a few weeks to heal, it looks like Solomon will be completely healthy for Wednesday’s game.

“The time off has been has been real important,” Solomon said. “For me, it is about toughness and sticking with it like my teammates do. With these weeks off, it is beneficial to try and get me healed up.”

In addition, Solomon has benefitted from having a veteran offensive line that has helped him through some difficult times this season.

“It is beneficial to have the older guys with real experience to tell me to stick with the play and make sure I make the right reads, stay calm,” Solomon said. It is important to have guys like Mickey and Fabians out there making sure I am calm.”

Solomon will be facing one of his bigger challenges of the season when he goes against a Boise defense that will show him numerous looks.

“They are a team that won’t quit and will play the entire 60 minutes,” he said. “It is a high motor team that is very fundamentally sound.

They are similar to some Pac-12 teams in some areas, but they also do some stuff where if we don’t execute the play or stop them from doing it, it will turn into a big turnover.”

For that reason, Arizona must stay focused despite knowing that this bowl game is a bit bigger than many others.

“We can tell it is big just with the way we have been treated with the police escorts and seeing the fans making sure they are being supportive,” Solomon said. “It has been a blessing.

“We just can’t go in there thinking we have this game in the box. Boise is a very good team and we don’t have enough talent to believe we can go in and just play. We have to prepare as if every day is our last and stay on top of things.”

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