Wilson not playing like a freshman

Nick Wilson has surprised even himself with the way that he has progressed this season. Read on to see what he says about his freshman year and more.


When talking about Nick Wilson earlier this week, Boise State defensive coordinator Marcel Yates said that he does not look like a freshman.

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez began to think the same thing earlier in the season when Wilson ran for 92 yards and two touchdowns against Oregon to go along with one touchdown catch for 34 yards.

“That was a big game on the road on a big stage,” Rodriguez said. “He made a couple runs and made a couple plays there that looked like a veteran and he’s played like it.

“He still makes some freshman mistakes and all that, but he still has a feel for it that most true freshmen wouldn’t have.”

Wilson isn’t anywhere near his potential and goes back and forth between feeling like a freshman and upperclassman.

“Sometimes I do feel like a freshman and sometimes I feel like an old man at times as far as my body being tired,” Wilson said.

“When you come onto the field and the fireworks are going and all that, you realize you’re a freshman and I have still have a few more years of this. It is pretty exciting. Sometimes it is overwhelming, but it is exciting.”

There wasn’t one moment where everything clicked for Wilson, as it was more of a learning process.

“I think it is more of a progression game by game,” he said. “Starting with UTSA, I began to understand more what the coaches wanted us to do as far as schemes and things like that.

“I really didn't truthfully know what to expect, but I admit I probably didn't expect the success I have had so far.”

Now Wilson finds himself in one of the bigger bowls in college football and ready to face an opponent other than his teammates.

“This is one of the bigger bowls in the nation, so it is pretty exciting to know you are in one of the big six bowls, especially coming into it as a true freshman,” he said.

“I’m tired of coming back and seeing the same guys every time, so I am ready to play against some different guys at this point.”

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