Harsin entering first bowl game as Head Coach

Bryan Harsin is entering his first game as a college football head coach. Read on to see his thoughts on that, his concerns about Arizona, and more.

Both teams have had more than enough time in between their last game and the Fiesta Bowl, which brings up some concerns for Boise State coach Bryan Harsin.

“I think speed is a concern,” Harsin said. “I think week to week when you play, you are kind of used to the speed of who you are going to play against. Just getting out there and getting into a rhythm.

“Obviously Arizona is a very fast football team and we know that, so we’ve done as much as we can to simulate the speed. We practice fast and we tried to simulate their tempo as best we can.

“Really, it’s just getting out there and playing. I think the better prepared we are, the faster we can play, and we need to do that. The bottom line is that we have three and a half hours to go out there and play.

“We don’t really have a whole lot of time to build into it. You need to be ready. Conditioning is a factor in the way they play and that is going to be something in this game we have to be good at.”

Although most would think that Arizona is going to have a crowd advantage, there does not seem to be too much concern about it from Harsin’s perspective.

“Playing in this game regardless is like a road game,” Harsin said. “It’s loud and going to be loud for both teams. We have our fans here and they are strong and when our fans are rocking, they’re loud.

“I have to believe we have some other fans here in Arizona from over the year that will show up that will want to see the Broncos be successful. Then obviously Arizona. We’re in their home state and they are a top ten team that has had a wonderful season.

“People are going to be excited about what they did this year and where they’re going. They have a young quarterback and fairly young team, some really good players, so I have to believe there is a lot of excitement about their future.

“We prepare that way. We have been in really loud stadiums this year as well, so that is just part of it. We are going to have to handle that, but I think bowl teams will be using the silent cadence and that is what it is going to be.”

This will be Harsin’s first bowl game as a head coach and he has missed a few previous opportunities as a coordinator.

“My wife and I were talking about that,” he said. “The last bowl game I was in was the Holiday Bowl at Texas when we played Cal (in 2011).

“The next year at Texas we were going to play Oregon State and I took the Arkansas State job and then at Arkansas State we were going to play Ball State and I was gone for that. I have been on two team thats have made it, just haven’t been a part of it. Those two years of not being in one to being in this one, that’s an easy trade off.”

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