Griffey ready to get back to work

Trey Griffey does not want to waste any time getting ready for next season. Read for more on his mindset, thoughts on the Fiesta Bowl, and more.

Arizona wide receiver Trey Griffey had no issues discussing the Wildcats' loss in the Fiesta Bowl, but wanted to make it clear that he and his teammates would be going right back to work.

"Losing this game is a big loss to us, but we did a lot for this University and a lot of people didn't expect us to be in this situation," Griffey said.

"We went out there and did our best. We came up a little short, but now it is time to get back to work and get ready for next year."

For Griffey, the most painful aspect of the loss may have been how it sent the seniors out.

"It’s a loss by everybody," he said. "We feel bad as underclassmen because we wanted to send the upperclassmen out with a win.

"We came up short. Not taking anything away from Boise, because they made more plays than we made."

Griffey got the start against Boise State and was one of Arizona's better receivers on the day.

"All of us as receivers are able to play," he said. "It does not matter who starts, we are all capable of making plays at any moment.

"That is the great thing about this offense and group of players. One day it will be my day, some day it will be another player’s day. It is the thing that I love about this offense."

Arizona had a chance to score and possibly tie the game with a two-point conversion, which is an opportunity Griffey credits to the coaching staff.

"We were trying to make adjustments throughout the whole game," he said. "That is the great thing about our coaches. They are capable of seeing everything at any moment and know exactly how we think, so they know what we can do.

"There’s no reason to panic. Once you start to panic you make mistakes, but we were able to slow it down and keep everything in control and make progress.

"When we get the ball we want to score and we have to. We just came a little bit short. Boise made some plays and hats off to them."

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