Jones-Grigsby proud of his quarterback

Terris Jones-Grigsby is proud of quarterback Anu Solomon. Read on to see what he says about the signal caller, Arizona's last play, and more.

Arizona quarterback Anu Solomon has taken plenty of blame for the Wildcats' loss in the Fiesta Bowl, but Terris Jones-Grigsby believes that should not be the case."

"We didn’t execute," Jones-Grigsby said. "You can’t put it all on him. I am blessed to have played with him and have him as my quarterback."

In fact, Jones-Grigsby believes that Solomon was a vital part of Arizona's comeback attempt.

"We started off slow, but he did not let that bother him," he said. "He has always been a poised quarterback and he took control, which we needed. He is a redshirt freshman and that is what quarterbacks need to do.

"Anu has been doing that all year. He is our quarterback and that is what he needs to do no matter what grade he is in. He is my captain and for him to take control of the game, we demand that from him."

Jones-Grigsby had some decent runs, but struggled to have success at first.

"It is a big surprise, especially when you are just playing special teams," he said. "I was on the field for five seconds and then I am on the field for a few drives. It was a surprise, but I need to be ready for that."

The result was not what Jones-Grigsby wanted, but he knew that Boise State would give the Wildcats a challenge.

"I knew they were a hard nosed football team," he said. "Stepping off the bus those guys are big and they play like it. They threw me around a couple times and I had to dig in and focus.

"We knew going into the game we were going to face a good defense, especially up front."

Still, Arizona had a chance to score and possibly tie the game at the end and it is a play that Jones-Grigsby will think about for quite some time.

"Unfortunately we didn't get that last play off and we didn't execute," Jones-Grigsby said. "That’s not our quarterback’s fault, that is a team effort. I would do anything to get that play back."

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