Alsadek wants to learn from loss

Offensive lineman Jacob Alsadek believes Arizona put forth good effort, but fell short. Read on to see what he believes he can learn from that and more.

Despite losing the Fiesta Bowl, offensive lineman Jacob Alsadek believes that the line was successful for the most part.

"I think as an offensive line I feel like we really meshed and everything was working for us," Alsadek said. "We were running the ball and throwing the ball and picking up all of their blitzes, but we couldn't finish the drives and that is frustrating.

"Overall we played hard like Coach Rod said, we just couldn’t finish, which makes it hard."

Despite getting down 21-0, Alsadek and the rest of the Wildcats felt they had a chance to come back and win the game.

"To be honest we are never a team to have that affect us," he said. "I didn't feel like we panicked. The coaches did a good job of keeping us calm and kept telling us to do our job and if we did that we could come back.

"We never feel like we’re down. Every game and every play we were losing, I never felt like we were."

Like other games this season, Arizona's offense was almost able to make a comeback. Instead, the drive fell short at the Boise State eight-yard line.

"Especially after one of those long passes," Alsadek said. "I thought we were going to score and get the two point conversion. I didn't look at the clock because I was so excited, but not everything is perfect and happens the way you want it to."

Alsadek will now turn to the tape in hopes of the experience helping him improve as a football player.

"Just watching the film and seeing things we have to work on," he said. "In my head I think we played a lot of plays, but it will be good to watch all of that and look at things that happen when you get tired so it becomes natural and we don’t have to think about it when we are playing."

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