Four-star learning more about Arizona

Seattle (Wash.) Ranier Beach 2016 wing Keith Smith was recently offered by Arizona. Read on for his thoughts on the Wildcats, his overall recruitment, and more.

Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach 2016 wing Keith Smith is one of the better high school players in the country, yet he hasn’t been able to show off his full repertoire of moves this season.

“I hurt my knee some time back and I’m still getting back to being able to do the things I used to do,” Smith said. “The last few months have been me just trying to get my knee all the way back.

"I was able to shoot around and work on my shot some, but as far as working on my game, I wasn’t able to do much.”

Nonetheless, Smith’s ability has garnered the attention of some of the nation’s best schools.

Arizona has started to recruit me," he said. "Coach Stoudamire is a guy that everyone knows and when he says he likes your game, that means something.

"They put a lot of guys in the league, and that is a big deal to me. I’m still learning more though.”

At this point, it could be difficult for any program to pull Smith out of Seattle.

Washington has turned it around some," Smith said. "They’re recruiting really well and are playing good basketball.

"I like the style they play because Dejounte Murray is going there and he’s all in, so I know other guys see it too.”

Arizona certainly isn’t the only school pursuing Smith.

“Most of the Pac-12 is recruiting me," Smith said. "I’m still figuring out stuff about each place. I went on visits to Oregon and Oregon State. It was hard to tell what the atmosphere was like because the students weren’t there.”

Despite the perception surrounding Smith’s recruitment, he plans to take his time and review all options.

“I doubt I will decide anytime soon," he said. "I want to look and see what some teams have to offer. If I had to guess, I will probably decide sometime next year.”

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