Chemistry remains work in progress

Sean Miller believes that chemistry is always a work in progress. Read on to see what his philosophy on team chemistry is and more.

Even when things are going well, Sean Miller believes that team chemistry is a team aspect that always needs to be worked on.

"One thing I believe, I don’t know if everybody else does, I will judge our chemistry on January 4," Miller said. "That is when we played Arizona State. I will do it all again the next day and then on the sixth.

"It only takes one day. You can go from thinking you have a tight knit group that will go on vacation together to disarray. There’s so many people tugging and pulling and so much selfishness at the core of college basketball that you don’t have chemistry for long periods of time.

"You have to work at it every day. Our chemistry as it stands today is good, how it will be tomorrow I don’t know. it is a constant work in progress and I don’t mean that in a negative sense at all towards our group. If people are honest, that is how it works today."

Arizona's chemistry last season was a bright spot, but that doesn't mean the Wildcats didn't work on it.

"Last year’s chemistry was the same," Miller said. "We had to work at it every day. Looking back, once the season had ended, it became one of our strengths.

"I think Brandon’s injury galvanized last year’s team. Everybody was made aware that this could end quickly for each of us and how fragile winning is.

"I think that really brought the team even closer. This year we are a work in progress, but I do think we are closer now than when the season began."

Having to work on team chemistry is not unique to Arizona.

"Each team is different," Miller said. "Some of these circumstances, I think any top flight program that has a lot of talent or is trying to accomplish significant things in their conference season or postseason, there is a lot of stake for the members on our team and those guys have a lot going on. It is so important that we stay together, we call it all in."

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