Miller considering changes?

Arizona's loss to Oregon State has Sean Miller considering some possible changes. Read on to see what the big change is and more.

It’s no secret that Sean Miller is a defensive oriented coach and Arizona’s effort on that side of the ball left him contemplating a change on Sunday.

"We didn't deserve to win the game," Miller said. ”We had probably three or four just bad basketball plays as well. We fouled two times in essence 90 feet from the rim and gave them points.

“We had a couple simple ball screens in which we were switching and messed up and didn't do. Those are things that we do all the time.”

Offensively, Oregon State did a lot of the same things that UNLV did, as both teams gave the Wildcats trouble.

"They did very similar to what UNLV followed," Miller said. "A little different in that they had a much smaller team, so because of their playing in essence four guards, we decided to play small.

“They just picked on individual defenders, and we had a couple guys have bad, bad nights defensively.”

After struggling defensively in the second half, Miller is thinking about possibly playing some zone defense moving forward.

"I think for us moving forward being able to mix in a zone," he said. "By the way when you say that it's like, 'finally' but that's not the solve-all.

“That comes with other problems when you do it. I think really what we have to do is do the things that we did really well and do them better, and address some of the things that are happening to us in this second half.

"This second half we could not get a stop, and if we would've been able to get a stop we would've been able to win the game. In the first half their zone really had us stymied and pushed us away from the basket and we didn't get a lot of good shots.”

The loss isn’t the end of the season for the Wildcats and Miller will look closely at it in order to improve the team.

“A lot of times it comes back to looking at us in the mirror and saying, 'Why is it that we're a good team, and in all the games that we've won what are the things that make our defense really good?’

“Then when you look at this game what wasn't there. So we'll get better, and the thing about an 18-game conference season is that you don't win or lose the conference season in one game.”

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