Arizona balancing good and bad

It's not easy for a college basketball coach to balance distractions, both good and bad. Read on to see what Sean Miller says about those distractions, how he approaches them, and more.

There are plenty of highs and lows associated with the college basketball season and Sean Miller believes that in order to be successful, you can’t get too caught up in either.

“You really can’t pay attention to it,” Miller said. “The emotion is not what life’s about. Nothing’s ever that great. Nothing’s ever that bad.

“Those that jump quickly to criticize or praise -- they don’t understand how hard this is, in the world of college basketball. We don’t play every Saturday and have an 11 or 12 game season. We play between 30 and 40 games and there’s a lot going on.”

In order to stay focused, Miller points to the team motto of honoring the process.

“I think for us it’s trying to really stay with the process, and practice matters, coaching these players matters,” he said. “Improvement matters: How much better can our team be?

“We’re really trying to be the best team we can be and not lose sight that it’s not easy to be 16-2 and we already had some great moments, whether winning in Maui or some of the best days we’ve had in Maui.”

The players are likely the first ones to hear the positives and negatives from each game and that could lead to some difficult throughout any team’s season.

“It’s enjoying it, learning from it and improving and not getting caught up in that, `Boy, you guys really laid an egg on the road’ or ‘you’re terrible and your coach stinks, you stink,’ Miller said.

“Or `You’re great, you’re the best player ever, you’re going to the NBA, your coach is awesome.’ It’s never really one way or another it’s more in the middle and that’s the hard part about guiding this group or a group in college basketball.”

Not only does Miller have to work on balancing the positives and negatives, but he also has to make sure that the season never gets too serious to handle.

“There’s a balance to all of this and our season is very long,” he said. “We’ve started really at the beginning of the school year, but practices begin in early October.

“We have been at this for a while and every one of our guys has individual goals. Some of the guys aren’t far from what they hope will happen to them.

“At the same time we are in the middle of a season where when you lose, you’re not very good and when you win, you’re supposed to win. I think what we talk a lot about is honor the process and do the things that we do.”

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