Bagley staying focused

Marvin Bagley is aware of the attention he is receiving, but chooses not to focus on it too much. Read on for his thoughts on that attention, his overall game, and more.

There are not many, if any, players in state history that have seen the hype that 6-foot-10, 210-pound power forward Marvin Bagley has seen.

Earlier this month, arguably the top 2018 prospect in the country had the opportunity to go up against one of the top players in 2017 in Cody Riley.

Although Bagley’s Tempe Corona del Sol squad lost, it was a good learning opportunity for Bagley.

“He is a great player and he plays hard,” Bagley said. “That is good competition when you go against a guy like that.

“I hope I get to play him again because it allows me to learn and see how I stack up against the best.”

Bagley is aware of how much attention is on him, but he chooses not to focus on it too much.

“It’s great, but I am not worried about that right now,” he said. “I have to keep working hard every day and each chance I get stay on the court and improve my game to take it to the next level. If I do that, I will be fine in the future.”

In addition, Bagley is not focusing on recruiting despite there being plenty of schools going after him.

“I am hearing from a lot of schools,” Bagley said. “I can’t name them all, but there is a lot of them.

“Nobody is really sticking out. I am just a basketball fan and I am enjoying everything.”

When Bagley does choose to focus on recruiting, he knows what the top priority will be.

“I want to go to a school that will help me get better and improve and then eventually get to the next level after that,” he said.

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