Johnson making a difference

Stanley Johnson is one of the biggest reasons for Arizona's recent success. Read on to see why Miller says that is and more.

Arizona's offensive has had plenty of success as of late and although there is enough credit to go around, Miller is quick to compliment Stanley Johnson.

"I think Stanley Johnson deserves a lot of credit," Miller said. "He has continued to grow and mature within the framework of what we do every day.

"I feel like every week he has gone through multiple experiences in games, he is growing and maturing, which you want a freshman to do."

The Wildcats don't have a player that can create his shot as well as Johnson and that includes being able to make something out of nothing.

"Basketball is such a player’s game," Miller said. "If you follow the Golden State Warriors, there are certain things that happen for them offensively that are a byproduct of an unbelievable skill level.

"They can bail out bad possessions. You don’t always have to generate though execution, sometimes it just happens because a player makes a play.

"The good part about Stanley is that he is almost making more of those types of plays now than he understands what to do with. It almost feels like that does not fit, that he should be able to get his own shot at any time even if he didn’t understand what to do and how to do it."

Still, Johnson's understanding of what Miller needs and wants him to do is at an all-time high.

"I almost believe because he understands our team work and what we do in our offense more than ever, it is that understanding that allows him to make the right plays at the right time," Miller said.

The biggest room for improvement for Johnson is defensively and the freshman continues to make progress in that area.

"Sometimes he almost presses too hard on the ball where he gets a silly foul or doesn't take into account that he doesn't have to be that close because he is 6’6 with huge, long arms," Miller said.

"Off the ball it is continued reps. We are in practice 60 something. I know this, practice 80 something he will be that much better."

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