1/28 Basketball Notebook

Sean Miller met with the media on Tuesday to discuss numerous topics. Read on for his thoughts on offensive rebounding, fouls, Kaleb Tarczewski, and more.

  • Sean Miller made it a point on Tuesday to discuss how Arizona will now approach offensive rebounding during the regular season.

    “There are times where we have really offensive rebounded,” Miller said. “I am now as a coach more aware of officiating. I think sometimes in a game it’s not smart to offensive rebound because they are just going to call a foul.

    “Sometimes when you offensive rebound they are going to let the game go. We have to adjust. For example when we played Utah, two very good, physical teams, the game was played more like a NCAA Tournament game.

    “We have played some games where it is a 180 from that. We have to be aware of that. Offensive rebounding for me right now as the coach, I am not as concerned about that as maybe I once was because it could really backfire on us if fouls are called a certain way.

    “Against Stanford would be a great example. Send everybody back on every shot because it is going to be a foul.”

  • Dusan Ristic continues to get better and he has combined with Kaleb Tarczewski to make a strong combination.

    “Dusan is really improving,” Miller said. “I have always said his offense is ahead of his defense. He has worked hard every day. He is a freshman, so he knows a lot more about how to do things now than he did a month ago.

    “He is improving and Kaleb is steady. Kaleb’s value doesn’t always show up on a stat sheet. How physical he is, what a great team defender he is, how he can help us move the ball through screening and being unselfish on offense, he is a real key to everything that we do.”

  • Tarczewski’s rebounding remains a concern, but Miller believes the lower numbers also have to do with his teammates.

    “We’re talking to him about it, but we also have to take note of our team rebounding,” Miller said. “If you look at our team defensive rebounding, we are one of the best.

    “If you look at our offensive rebounding, some games I think you want to unleash your team to offensive rebound and some games it makes no sense because it is like a turnover, they are just going to call a foul.

    “Kaleb has Stanley and Rondae in the game together with Brandon and T.J. McConnell may be the best rebounding guard in the country. He has a lot of competition when the ball hits the rim and that is part of why I believe his numbers may not be what they were.”

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