A Season in Review: Quarterback

Arizona had some inconsistency at quarterback this past season, but Anu Solomon performed well for the most part. Read on for a closer look at his strengths and weaknesses and the position moving forward.

With Signing Day only a few days away, the talk about next season is sure to begin. We will take a look at each position for next season and where each currently stands, starting with quarterback.

Anu Solomon had mixed reviews this season and it makes sense considering that he was relatively inconsistent.

In order to truly understand that inconsistency, we have to remember that he was a freshman. It’s asking a lot for a freshman to come in and have every game be a successful one.

The most frustrating part about his season may not have been the inconsistency as much as the belief that the mistakes he made were ones that could have largely been avoided, as Solomon would be the first to say that as well.

Take the Fiesta Bowl for instance. The play that ended the game was a sack that should have never happened. There’s no denying that it was a mistake that no college quarterback should make and while it did not necessarily cost Arizona the game, it was certainly a play that is going to be remembered.

Solomon simply has to get rid of the stupid mistakes, or the ones that are easily avoidable. Whether that is knowing when to run or throw, not forcing the ball, or reading the entire field, the mistakes that he made were seemingly ones that he knew he made right away.

In addition, we may not ever really know just how bad Solomon’s injury was. Consider that he threw 28 touchdowns and nine interceptions with only three of those touchdowns and four interceptions coming in the last five games of the season.

When Solomon was healthy, particularly early in the season, he looked like the best quarterback in the conference at times.

Sure, his numbers from the game at Oregon don’t jump off the page, but his mistakes were limited and he completed 64 percent of his passes.

Really, the only bad game he has in the first half of the season was when he threw for 175 yards and completed just 37 percent of his passes against UCLA.

There is also somewhat of a feeling around the coaching staff that he was put in a better position to succeed earlier in the season.

That may have been because of trust issues because of the injury or simple play calling, but the coaching staff feels that Solomon is a guy that can be trusted and built back up during spring and fall camp.

We have said that Solomon is going to have to compete to keep his starting job and we truly believe that. However, if Brandon Dawkins and Jerrard Randall don’t have an impressive spring, that competition is going to end as soon as it begins.

Make no mistake about it, this is Solomon’s job to lose going into next season. The coaches recognize his youth and believe that working with him will only make him better. For that not to hold true, Dawkins and Randall are going to have to put together a heck of a spring.

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