Anduze bringing versatility

Brion Anduze will be used in a variety of ways upon arriving to Arizona. Read on to see how he envious himself in the offense, why he chose to be a Wildcat, and more.

While the Wildcats have yet to consistently use a tight end in the offense, Rich Rodriguez and his staff have given an indication the position should be expanded moving forward. One of those indications is Silverdale (Wash.) Central Kitsap tight end Brion Anduze.

The three-star committed to Arizona in June and didn’t think twice about the decision afterwards.

”My relationship with Arizona has only gotten better since I committed,’ Anduze said. “I’ve been strong on my commitment and I never had any second thoughts.”

Anduze got very familiar with the coaching staff and has confidence in its abilitiy to get Arizona to the next level.

”Even before I committed, I had faith in Arizona and the coaching staff,” he said. “I saw what they were trying to do and I knew that they were the type of guys who could get it done.

"Seeing them progress and beat Oregon and Washington was pretty cool. I’m pretty excited for next year when I can be on the field.”

Anduze committed to Arizona before being able to see the campus, but the visit to Tucson was the final selling point for the tight end.

”I hadn’t been to Arizona before I committed, so when I went down there it really sealed the deal,” he said. “After the whole day of seeing the facilities and talking with the coaches, I knew that was it.

"Obviously the coaches believe in me because they offered me a scholarship and that meant a lot to me. That really helped me in my decision.”

In addition, Anduze's relationship with the coaching staff made a difference.

”The coaches really stood out to me,” Anduze said. “I like Coach (Jim) Michalczik because he is honest and up front with me. I like Coach (Charlie) Ragle for the same reasons. They all seem to have my best interest in mind at all times.”

"My relationship with Coach Michalczik is really good. When he is able to call me, he calls me just to talk and check in on me. He’s visited my home several times and I’d say we just have a pretty good relationship.”

Anduze is listed as a tight end, but he may be used in multiple roles

”When I went down there, I was talking with Coach Ragle about how they use tight ends,” he said. “They want to use me as a guy who can block, but also spread out wide and even get in the backfield. They don’t have a guy like that, but they are bringing in me and a few other guys to do that.

”Last season, they just used Austin Hill as a tight end, so they ran more of a spread with all the receivers.”

Even though he will be traveling out of state, Anduze’s parents stood by his decision to play for the Wildcats.

”My family was really supportive of my decision,” Anduze said. “I used to play baseball down in Arizona, so it wasn’t entirely new to me. I loved it down there and my family is confident in me. They trust the coaches and know I’ll be safe there.”

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