Hamilton confident in ability

Coffeyville (Kan.) Community College defensive end Timmy Hamilton is confident in his ability to contribute right away. Read on to see what he says about how he fits in and more.

One of the positions that the Arizona Wildcats need the most help at is the defensive line and they picked up a quality piece in Coffeyville (Kan.) Community College defensive end Timmy Hamilton.

The junior college prospect committed to Arizona in November and has been ready to sign his letter of intent ever since.

”Everything has been good with Arizona”, Hamilton said. “I’m just excited to finally sign the paper. I’ve been waiting a long time.

”We’re going to have a Signing Day party. It should be pretty fun and I’m just excited to be a Wildcat.”

During that time, Hamilton has already seen his connection to the coaches get stronger as they keep in touch with the three-star prospect.

”My relationship with the coaches has only gotten better since committing”, he said. “We try to talk almost every day. Coach Ragle gets busy sometimes, but we try to talk every day, but at least three times a week just to see how things are going.

”He wants to just check in an make sure everything is good and he is making sure everything that I am staying on track."

One of the reasons Hamilton was drawn to the Wildcats was the honesty of the coaching staff and the willingness to be up front with him.

”Coach Ragle always told me the truth about everything,” Hamilton said. “You can tell after a while who is telling the truth or who is just telling you what you want to hear. Coach Ragle always kept it 100 percent honest with me, whether I was going to like it or not.”

That honesty paid off in the end, as it was a truthful conversation with Rich Rodriguez that helped seal the deal with the defensive end.

”A week before I committed, I was just thinking about the other guys from my school who were going to commit to other schools,” Hamilton said. “I was talking to Coach Rodriguez and he just made me feel like they really needed me. That was when it really clicked.

”I knew that they needed me when they told me they did and they weren’t just saying it to me and fifteen other guys at my same position. That’s when I knew it was the place for me to be.”

Another important aspect of Hamilton’s recruitment was the Wildcats defensive scheme and how he fits into it.

”Schematically, Arizona is really attractive to me," Hamilton said. "Watching them and seeing what they do, I think I can make a big impact there. Talking with the coaches and how they want to use me, it was really great for the type of player that I am.

”As a junior college player, you have to make sure that it is the right fit for you because you only have two years left. You want to go somewhere that already fits you and not somewhere that you have to spend time adjusting.”

Even though Arizona hadn’t recruited Hamilton until last season, the defensive end was already plenty familiar with the Wildcats.

”I was always a Pac-10 guy growing up,” Hamilton said. “I was never too interested in watching the other conferences. When I was younger I was a big Oregon fan, so I was already familiar with Arizona, so this year, knowing I was going to Arizona and seeing them win in the first matchup was really big for me.”

”When I think about it, I’ve probably been watching Arizona since I was in the fourth grade.”

Hamilton took an official visit to Tucson in January and came away impressed with how much the city reminded him of home.

”I went on a visit a few weeks back and it was great,” he said. “It was a lovely campus and the city is a college town. I just loved every bit of it.

”I live in the city here in Kansas, but Tucson just made me feel like home. There aren’t many big tall buildings, but I just felt really comfortable there. I just can’t wait to get there.”

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